About Sarah

 My name is Sarah. I am an Adult Child. I have struggled with addiction, co-dependency, and depression for much of my life. I began working a program of recovery in spring of 2012 that has, quite frankly, saved my life. I am still learning, still trying to get there, where ever there may be.

I have been married since 2000 and have one very special step-daughter and two amazing sons.

I hope to share some insights I have made with you, as well as use this blog as a forum to explore what living in recovery is like.  I by no means claim to be an expert or authority on recovery. I just ask that you walk alongside me as we go, because we can’t survive alone.

If I could offer anything to you, it would be this: Love yourself. Ask for help when you need it. And pray.


4 thoughts on “About Sarah

  1. Shannon says:

    Congratulations and blessings towards the rest of your life. You took a gigantic, courageous leap of faith. 🙂

  2. Laurie FRans says:

    Wonderful, Sarah.

  3. Sierra says:

    Hey I’m Sierra. I would love to pick your brain about stay sober for as long as you have. I have tried once and failed. I’m on my round two and it’s been almost five months. Which is the best I’ve done. So anything light you could shed would be awesome. I am also married, for four years and beautiful kids. I have to do it this time. I have to survive this for them.

    • mustemote says:

      Sierra. Never be afraid to see a therapist. Always pray. Walk away from people who are toxic. Take care of yourself…in fact, be your own best ally. Walk. Ask for help when you need it. Know that sometimes just surviving is enough. And forgive. Much love and many blessings to you.

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